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Out of the Box Date Ideas

Out of the Box Date Ideas


Hello Road 142 Community! So happy to be here to share a little bit about our beloved Northern California with you and how you can find outside of the box date ideas anywhere you go in this great region! We are Ashley and John of Capitol City Couple! We are both California natives and between the two of us we have lived all up and down this great state, but are lucky enough to call Sacramento, home!

Without further ado let’s get to it!

When we first started dating we went on a marathon of sporting event dates. I, (Ashley) moved here from the city and I was definitely going to miss my beloved Giants and Golden State Warriors (don’t worry, I am now a converted Kings fan!) The first week I lived here we went to a Sac Republic Soccer Game, Kings Basketball game, and a River Cats baseball game. So the tip here… KNOW your AUDIENCE! This idea might have fallen flat on someone one else, but I asked to do these things, and John made it happen

Tip 2: LISTEN! Chances are, if this isn’t a blind date you have probably spoken to who you will be going on a date with. What has that person shared with you? What are their hobbies? Dinner is great, because people have to eat, but everyone eats, everyone goes to dinner. What did they do as a kid, when they weren’t busy “adulting”? Honestly, if you listen, people are probably saying what they want to do!

So, what do you do? Well, here are things we love to do, or are planning on doing!

  1. Cooking Classes. I cook everyday, and John thinks he’s the worlds best sous chef. The funny thing about that, is in our house, all that constitutes is opening a bottle of wine! It would be great for me to learn some new things, and for John to see what goes into making a meal and see different ways on how he can help. It can also show us how to work TOGETHER! I don’t know of anything sweeter than coming together to break bread over a meal prepared with both of our hands! You can find cooking classes at The Co-opSur La Table (if you don’t mind driving), and maybe in time at Road 142.

  2. Haggin Oaks Driving Range. Yes my friends! Even if you’re not a golfer, they have a putting green (aka mini-golfesque), different lawn games, food and drink. We have amazing summer weather, and with Haggis Oaks being open 24 hrs in the summer you can beat the summer heat, by working on your swing, hanging out under the lights, probably having a lot of laughs, and having a cold one. And there is a good chance you will see us out there when the weather warms up!

  3. Hacker Lab! Artists, makers, creatives, or people who aren’t afraid of trying something new! Hacker Lab is moving to the R St Corridor and with over 100 classes a month at the different locations you are sure to find something you’ll love to try!

  4. Jump bike Mural tour! Okay, this is kinda a two parter. If you haven’t tried Jump Bikes, but you know how to ride and bike, and aren’t afraid of a little speed we definitely suggest hopping on one of these. You simply download the Jump Bike App, create a profile and get going! You will need to link a credit card, but at $1 for 15 minutes, you can’t beat it. You’d be surprised with how far you can go in 15 minutes. So instead of finding a parking spot, or getting in and out of an Uber, use a Jump Bike to tour our wonderful murals! Use this site to plan out your route! After riding around town and enjoying the incredible art we have stop at any one of our great restaurant patios for a cold one!

And there you have it, four simple, fun, and unique date ideas to enjoy in the Capitol City! Thanks for having us, and drop a note on our Instagram if you try out anyone of these fun dates!


Ashley & John

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